Am Freitag, 23. Februar 2018 13:48:26 CET schrieb Pavel Sanda <>:
> Hi,
> I see new behaviour when .lyx is externally modified while being loaded in
> lyx. It is automatically flagged as modified no matter whether the file was
> modified inside lyx before external modification.
> This typically happens when (r)syncing file between computers. I used to
> know when sync happen and would close the file or reload it.
> The new behaviour is somewhat confusing because I'm not capable to
> distinguish whether I mistakenly edited the file meanwhile (and really need
> to pay attention) or whether no change was actualy done and just external
> change happened.
> I propose that we drop the '*' modification flag and let only the warning
> about external modification. That way one can easily see whether there is
> merge problem because file got edited meanwhile or just reload is enough.
> Opinions?
> Pavel



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