On 02.03.2018 13:07, Uwe Stöhr wrote:
Am 02.03.2018 um 08:14 schrieb racoon:

I am quite sure that MiKTeX wasn't the problem in my case.

Well, I worked a lot:

Thanks a lot for your efforts.

Scott, for the announcement I propose to write that users who have problems of getting the UserGuide compiled to a PDF should
- uninstall LyX _and_ MiKTeX
- install LyX 2.3.0 using the bundle installer that will automatically reinstall MiKTeX

Since in my case an anti-virus software seemed to be the culprit, I suggest to add that

- if one has a virus scanner installed and LyX cannot find "latex.exe", as a first step just close the installer and rerun it

since this message appears even before LyX is installing this saves a lot of work and time compared to the alternatives.


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