Am 05.03.2018 um 17:58 schrieb Joel Kulesza:

At least, the way I read the step, the installer is the component not finding the latex.exe executable, not the LyX executable itself

Just for information:
The LyX installer searches for the latex.exe. If it cannot find it, LyX cannot find it as well. If it finds it, it applies the path to it for LyX. So the success in finding the latex.exe depends on if the installer could find it.

However, you can use LyX also without LaTeX. The LyX installer provides an option for this. This way you can try around and maybe later install LaTeX. A later installed LaTeX (TeXLive or MiKTeX) can be found by LyX if the path to the latex.exe is in the PATH environment variable. Therefore you must install LaTeX with admin privileges and set the option to modify the PATH (if your LaTeX installer has this).

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