Le 07/03/2018 à 16:24, Scott Kostyshak a écrit :
However, you can use LyX also without LaTeX. The LyX installer provides an
option for this. This way you can try around and maybe later install LaTeX.
A later installed LaTeX (TeXLive or MiKTeX) can be found by LyX if the path
to the latex.exe is in the PATH environment variable. Therefore you must
install LaTeX with admin privileges and set the option to modify the PATH
(if your LaTeX installer has this).

Ah that is good to know. Thanks for the explanation.

Note however that using LyX without LaTeX is not really a pleasure. One gets at each use a dialog box on startup plus dialog box for each loaded file complaining that something is wrong. I have to install texlive on my home windows 10 computer just for that (I did not intend yet to actually create documents there, I just wanted to debug display issues).

While my use case is not important in itself, I think it would be worthwhile to allow LyX to work nicely as a pure editor.

Note that none of that is related to the windows port/installer. The issue is the same with all OSes.


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