Jean-Marc Lasgouttes wrote:
> I think that explaining people how to install LaTeX themselves is the way 
> to go. You cannot bear the weight of basically maintaining a LaTeX 
> distribution on top of the ever changing MikTex. The example of rupee that 
> you gave later in your message is typically an example of things going 
> wrong. You cannot afford to use your time to fix these issues. If it is so 
> important, let's tell people to install the full textlive version and 
> forget about any other problem.
> To say the same thing differently, one design problem that I see is that 
> you are starting from Miktex, that tries to keep the TeX installation to a 
> minimum, and than take great pains to add everything that may be useful on 
> top of it. Why not use a distribution that has it all, to begin with?

I was trying to avoid this thread but this question occured to me many
times seeing not just this but also previous discussions when something
broke in MikTex.

What Uwe is doing is sort of package management for living LaTeX distribution
which is demanding task on its own and there is no surprise he is going nuts
from all related problems.

Although there is possibility to have live updates for TeXlive many linux
distributions simply package one fixed version and it does not seem to harm
productivity in any way. After year or two they simply bump to new version of
the whole monster again.

I would go even further to claim that its the reason why things 'just work'
after installing LyX on linux and LyX packagers can still spend their sunny
days with sun instead of sitting in front of bug tracker system of LaTeX
distribution... They simply leave latex ppl time to figure out their 
problem with newest versions and use stable and older version.

Is there some *full* MikTex/TeXlive installation bundle for Windows which
is stable?
If yes how big is it in terms of MB/GB? Would it significantly increase
our current installer-bundle?

I also do not propose this as 2.3.0 solution but it seems conceptually wrong
that Uwe or whoever is preparing LyX package for Windows should spend weeks
figuring out latex distribution issues and delay the release process for this


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