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So there are already 3 possible workarounds for experienced users in the LyX
installer and these options are all translated.

That behavior sounds good. My concern though is that even experienced
users will not guess that LyX will update MiKTeX. Once they realize, it
may be too late.

Can we please focus on the basics? Maybe less than 1 per 1000 users might forbid a MiKTeX update and thus stop the installation of LyX because they think it could maybe make problem. Therefore I won't bother the other 999 users with a dialog from which maybe 500 users don't understand what is meant by the dialog (unknown words/concept and only in English).

Experienced user have already 3 methods to avoid any MiKTeX update and get LyX (for the costs that LyX might not be work). So as they are experts, they know what to do. The installer give power users already this freedom. Please try the installer on your own to see what is possible in what installation state.

Here are a few reports from me regarding documents that used to compile
that failed after updates.

These were bugs in LaTeX packages affecting all users, no matter if they use LyX, what TeX distro and what OS they are using.
LyX cannot take care for other TeX programs. It is unknown how they access
LaTeX (elevated rights or not, local installation or global, parallel
secondary MiKTeX or parallel TeXLive - too many possibilities). Nevertheless
an update of MiKTeX does not change any path or registry setting so other
TeX programs should work. If not they have most likely a bug or need to be
updated if they access the MiKTeX package handling. On my test system the
other TeX program "TeXworks" works fine after the update of MiKTeX.

I'm more worried that a forced package update could cause compilation in
another TeX program to fail.

You already cited my reply to your statement.

regards Uwe

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