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Am 05.04.2018 um 04:47 schrieb Scott Kostyshak:

In my opinion it is that important, because updating LyX could break
something else on a user's computer.

No! Why do you claim this again? Don't mix potential bugs in a LaTeX package on CTAN with LyX. With this argumentation every package update could introduce bugs. LyX is not responsible for bugs on CTAN.

Aren't we discussing bugs in miktex here? CTAN is a different beast, although living on the bleeding edge is probably a bad decision for "average" users.

It is wrong to say, LyX is not allowed to update MiKTeX because of potential bugs on CTAN. I mean with this directive on Linux they cannot upgrade e.g. my Qt5 from e.g. 5.6 to 5.9 because there could be a regression bug in Qt5.9 that would affect all apps using Qt5.

This is why Linux distributions have armies of testers, actually.

Again, the MiKTeX update doesn't break anything, see above and we spoke about this now a dozen times.

Finally, please tell me why it is not sufficient that expert users can read the release announcement to make certain MiKTeX settings if they

I missed the proposed announcement. Where can I find it?

like before they use the Win installer and why we should instead bother average users with a question that they cannot understand instead and risk that these average users will end up with an completely broken MiKTeX if they made the wrong decision in the dialog they could not understand?!

This is what doctors thought a few years ago, at least here in France. Why bother to explain to people what we are going to do to them, if they do not understand it? Of course there are secondary effects, but they can cope with that!

Nowadays we have laws that require informed consent. And it is a progress.

So do you agree, that I remove the installer from LyX's git? If yes, you can release LyX as binary and the packages for the different OSes can do their job and we save time to debate things not directly related to LyX. Alternatively just change the makefile.am files that the Win installer is no longer included to LyX releases.

It is impressive to see how this thing is getting out of hand. Sheesh.


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