Hi JMarc,

I have another mathed crash, this time reproducible even with clean branch, so 
not related to latest patch:

1. load newer doc I'll send privately, navigate to the same paragraph to the 
equation I=g(V-E)
2. repeat this pattern, often it will crash but not in 100%, so some navigating 
around is needed (maybe going out of inset is needed):
2a. go with cursor behind 'g', create superscript via '^', type 'x',
2b. go with cursor ahead of 'x', delete 'x' to get empty superscript, left 
arrow to remove superscript altogether

3. kaboom

qt 5, instant preview on, both branch & master

#0  0x00007ffff6515b20 in vtable for std::ios_base () from 
#1  0x00005555558f2901 in lyx::CursorSlice::text (this=0x5555573d6070, 
this=0x5555573d6070) at CursorSlice.h:119
#2  lyx::(anonymous namespace)::sliceInRow (row=..., text=0x555556f0e758, 
cs=...) at BufferView.cpp:3053
#3  lyx::BufferView::needRepaint (this=<optimized out>, text=0x555556f0e758, 
row=...) at BufferView.cpp:3063
#4  0x00005555558ab118 in lyx::TextMetrics::drawParagraph 
(this=this@entry=0x555556b4f0b8, pi=..., pit=<optimized out>,
    pit@entry=80, x=x@entry=0, y=-4, y@entry=-187) at TextMetrics.cpp:1895
#5  0x00005555558ab6b7 in lyx::TextMetrics::draw 
(this=this@entry=0x555556b4f0b8, pi=..., x=x@entry=0, y=y@entry=-187)
    at TextMetrics.cpp:1803
#6  0x00005555558f7337 in lyx::BufferView::draw (this=0x5555573d55d0, pain=..., 
paint_caret=<optimized out>)
    at BufferView.cpp:3198
#7  0x0000555555b93118 in lyx::frontend::GuiWorkArea::paintEvent 
(this=0x555556b7fdd0, ev=0x7fffffffc4f0)
    at GuiWorkArea.cpp:1262


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