On Thu, Apr 05, 2018 at 10:13:04PM +0000, Uwe Stöhr wrote:

> Sure and I did not decide about LyX but about how a certain installer page
> should look to overcome a problem with a third-party program that is
> Win-only. I think I can decide this. This is no LyX issue. It is an
> additional feature I provide with the installer to also take care of
> third-party programs. You can like it or not but this is no LyX thing. If
> you think so, then I will move the installer code to Github.

I do not agree. I think that the LyX installer is an important part of
the LyX project. Do you know of any other software that separates the
binary from the installer? The only thing I can think of is something
like the separation of CTAN and e.g. TeX Live, but in my opinion that is

> Then it is
> definitely no LyX thing and we can end this fruitless debate.

It is frustrating, it is a lot of time on everyone's side, but trying to
work through a conflict so that we can stay together and produce the
best possible LyX for the user is not fruitless in my opinion. I think
we must continue to try. Even though both sides seem very far apart
right now, I do not think we should give up. As racoon, proposed, I
think we just need to figure out the root issues to focus on.

In the end, I think this entire issue could be resolved by deciding on
one question: would a dialog be confusing to the average user? I still
think we can make progress on this. If you think there are more issues
than this one, let's discuss them one by one.  Perhaps we could start a
separate email thread to keep the discussions organized.



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