Le 07/04/2018 à 12:18, Enrico Forestieri a écrit :
They seem to be fine, but time will tell. I am rather concerned with the
cursor height in mathed. Seemingly, it is proportional to the height of
the tallest character in a cell, so that the cursor almost disappears when
only a minus sign is present. This is very ugly. For example, after typing
"a^" the cursor is in the superscript cell and its height equals the cell
height. However, after typing "-" the cursor height shrinks. I think it
should stay the same height it had when the cell was empty, unless a taller
character is entered. In this case, its height should be accordingly

The situation should be a bit better now. Riki, can I backport 6df8c42e59 to 2.3.X? This sets a minimal height equal to the x-height of the font for math cells.

However right now the cursor has a size equal to the height of current row, so that it will be smaller inside $a$ than inside $f$.

I will try to fix that and basically revert the cursor size code to replace it with a better one.


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