I've fixed the problems reported by people who've tried the new
installers. The question is how now to proceed. Note that these are
questions for 2.3.0 (and probably 2.3.1, since I will turn my attention
to that once this issue is resolved). Larger questions about how to
proceed with the Windows installer can be deferred to 2.3.2 if not 2.4.0.

It's my hope that we can find someone to take over building the
installer, etc, before too long. I'm happy to do it for a bit....

So, questions.

1) Should we include any form of the 'update MiKTeX' code, with a dialog
asking for permission to perform the update, or should we not do so?

2) Should we try to get wider testing of these new packages by
advertising the putatively final version on the users' list before doing
an official release?

I have no strong opinion about (1), though I don't think it would be too
difficult to include such a dialog. I gather that the risk is that
updating LyX itself could trigger a partial update (due to packages
being installed at compilation time) that will break MiKTeX. As Pavel
said, the people this might affect seem to be only folks who did some
kind of update between October and January, but who knows. The main
issue would be getting translations of the message in the dialog. I
guess I could write to the relevant folks and ask for quick responses.
There's also Google, if all else fails. I suppose another option would
be for me to contact the MiKTeX maintainer and see what they think.

Regarding (2), I guess I am a bit nervous about these installers, since
I have no idea what I'm doing, and we didn't get THAT much feedback from
my previous messages.


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