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Am Dienstag, den 12.06.2018, 17:32 +0200 schrieb Jean-Pierre Chrétien:
Le 12/06/2018 à 15:02, Kornel Benko a écrit :

Hm, simply changing 'aastex6' to 'aastex62' does not help, because
now we have
the next error:

! Class revtex4-1 Error: \and is not supported.

Looks like a compatibility problem between aastex62.cls and revtex4
which did
not appear with aastex6.cls,

Which is another argument for adding a separate aastex62.layout and
keeping aastex6.layout (in obsolete eventually). This is most probably
also the reason they renamed the class.

I was wrong in my previous mail, \slugcomment masked the real error, which stems from the fact that \and is deprecated in aastex62.tex:

<cite sample62.tex>
%% Note that the \and command from previous versions of AASTeX is now
%% depreciated in this version as it is no longer necessary. AASTeX
%% automatically takes care of all commas and "and"s between authors names.

We should remove the 'And' style in the aastex62.layout file (which will call the aastex.layout file).

Ans solving the issue in aas_sample.lyx is straightforward.

But should not we keep aas6_sample.lyx and aas62_sample.lyx, as well as
aastex6.lyx and aastex62.lyx in the templates dir ?
6 in TL17 and 62 in TL18 are exclusive.


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