Am Samstag, den 09.03.2019, 20:52 +0530 schrieb Joe Doe:
> hi.
> why not. Thanks for the help.
> I hereby grant permission to license any and all contributions I've
> made to LyX under the Gnu GPL version 2 or later.

Thanks for this. Meanwhile I had a closer look at the language
situation. If I am not mistaken, there is not yet proper malayalam
support in babel, is it? So

> +     BabelName        malayalam

does most probably not work.

(Malayalam is experimentally supported by a babel "ini" file, but I am
unable to produce a working document)

I see, however, that there is the malayalam-latex package for
typesetting Mayalalam with traditional LaTeX:

But this uses latin transliteration, so we cannot support it without
major work.

Thus, I'd suggest to only support polyglossia for the moment.

Is that fine with you, Joice?


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