On 9/13/19 1:09 PM, Jean-Marc Lasgouttes wrote:
> In DocFileNamefilename::mangledFileName, I see:
>     string const name = absFileName();
>     // Now the real work
>     string mname = os::internal_path(name);
>     // Remove the extension.
>     mname = support::changeExtension(name, string());
> So the assignment of internal_path is undone. Did we need it or not?

Probably it was intended, but I am guessing we do not see a bug because
it ends up not mattering. The "internal path" is a no-op on Unix and
just replaces \ with / on Windows. But those characters get removed by
the mangling algorithm anyway. In principle, then, it should be

    mname = support::changeExtension(mname, string());

but it won't change anything really.


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