Le 26/09/2019 à 20:40, Paul A. Rubin a écrit :
Hi all,

Is someone in charge of smacking the listserv when it gets ornery? I've been having intermittent delivery failure problems (on the inbound-to-me side) for quite a while, including seeing replies to messages long before I see the original messages. I just got an email from user Rich Shepard. He had problems posting to the list, which he thinks he has fixed, but not he's not getting any posts to the [user] list. The last one I got was two days ago, so I don't know if the listserv is on vacation or it's just a mildly slow time for user posts.

From what I know there have been issues with the mailing list server in umemphis. We are in the process (next week?) to move it to osuosl, where our web site is already hosted currently.

Therefore I am not sure it is worth fixing issues with the lists right now.


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