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Hi, dear Lyx developers,

I use Linux and have some trouble with typing Chinese in Lyx: the candidate box can't follow the cursor when editing with *Ibus* or *fcitx > Screenshot from 2019-10-19 18-36-20.png


THe support for InputMethod is done a bit by hand right now, because the workarea of LyX is completely built by ourselves. I do not have any idea of the culprits of Chinese editing.

What version of LyX is that, by the way?

I would be taker of help in this department, even concerning the set up of things like ibus for keyboard switching. We have issues with that in LyX 2.4.0dev.

Best regards,

I noticed that Lyx was written in Qt5 which fully supports the two input framework, in fact, they work well in other Qt5-based software like *Texstudio. *So**I think this may be a bug of Lyx*.
Screenshot from 2019-10-19 18-38-48.png
You can reproduce it on  Linux system, here are some info about my environment:

    OS: Manjaro 18.1.1 Juhraya
    Kernel: x86_64 Linux 4.19
    DE: GNOME 3.34.1
    WM: Mutter
    IM: ibus, ibus-libpinyin

Anyway thanks for your works. It'd be better if you can do something with it.

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