Note: Am am resending this message now, I already sent it yesterday,
but it did was not approved.

This is on an up-to-date Archlinux system which should mean all
software is at latest release version.

Software versions:

lyx 2.3.3, qt5 5.13.2, xorg 1.20.5

Reproducing: Create an empty HOME dir and .lyx in it, run
/usr/share/lyx/ with python2, start Lyx with created HOME.

I tried using Lyx both with the DWM window manager , and without a WM: Lyx exhibits the same bug
under both environments.

At first, under dwm, I thought the issue is that Lyx is not
registering mouse clicks at all, but actually what seems to be the
case is that it just does not update its display, except that every so
often it does get updated and then I can see what happened in the mean

Without a window manager at first it worked fine, but then I switched
to another X Windows and back again and Lyx again stopped updating its
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