> You mean to change the math color without selection also? Perhaps. I'm new to 
> dark theme, so I don't know. I do really like the current math color; it's 
> just the selection issues.
> Scott
Definitely the "math text" colour is pretty nice, but I think it is easier (and 
less prone to create more problems if more things are added in the future) to 
change it over the "selection" colour.

That said, I have checked all the colours and made some tests: the only 
possible problem I see of modifying "selection" colour is selecting changes 
made by the first author (Change Tracking on), which shows poor contrast, but 
is still readable.

The rest of the colours, either give enough contrast, have a background that 
prevents contrast problems (labels, cross-references, index entries, etc.) or 
the text selected changes to "selected text" (black); thus not arising a 
contrast problem with "selection" colour.

So changing the colour "selection" is a sensible option too. Hope this helps to 
whoever have to make the decisions.

Enviat amb Tutanota.
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