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> > On Sun, Sep 24, 2023 at 01:48:17AM +0200, Dan wrote:
> >
> >> I provide a better workaround for this problem: custom command to set the 
> >> language in Document > Settings... > Language.
> >> The command is
> >>      \usepackage[spanish,es-noquoting]{babel}
> >> which sets the document's language to Spanish and disables the shorthands 
> >> < and >; and for some reason seems to work ^^'.

Yes, I've noticed this option exists, the problem is not just with Letter
document class. The problem that babel-spanish activates '<' and '>'
at the beginning of the document (unless the es-noquoting option
is passed or the macro \deactivatequoting is issued before that), so using


won't work correctly. I've made a bug report at babel-spanish,
and I'm waiting for a reply from Javier.

> > Thanks, I committed it at fa67f709. If anyone suggests a different
> > approach/fix, feel free to change it.

It fixes the problem only for the example file. But all other files would
still have '<' and '>' activated, and from the line


in the languages file we are clearly trying to avoid that.
I don't think passing the option es-noquoting is good for a general solution,
as it prevents from users to activate '<' and '>' if they would like
to, probably
adding to the preamble the line \deactivatequoting is the best way to go.

Let's wait and see what Javier is saying at

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