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On 2023-09-24 22:24, Dan wrote:

There is a frame whose outline is not visible in dark mode because it is black (Insert > Frame > Simple Frame). The box inset name is "Boxed" (https://www.lyx.org/trac/browser/lyxgit/lib/layouts/stdinsets.inc#L504).

See the attached image for a showcase of all the frames showing the problem.

Simple Frame Box should have the same outline colour as the other frames.

A bug here that wpuld solve the problem is that the frame setting misses the proper "Default" value for its frame color.

When inserted, no special color is applied to the frame but the frame color is used. You can see this by changing the Main Text color (in Document Settings > Colors). If the default is changed to, say, red, the box gets that color in the output but still has "black" as frame color in the settings. Worse, once one changes the color in the frame settings to, say, blue, it is impossible to get the default behavior back since when switching back to "black", it is explicitly applied.


Filed as #12921. (Hopefully with a better description than here.)


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