Am Donnerstag, dem 15.02.2024 um 23:53 -0700 schrieb
> I found three identical copies of chkconfig.ltx in each of
> /Users/me/Library/Application Support/LyX-2.1/chkconfig.ltx
> /Users/me/Library/Application Support/LyX-2.2/chkconfig.ltx
> /Users/me/Library/Application Support/LyX-2.3/chkconfig.ltx
> I zipped all of them and trashed the original. Now LyX 2.4.0 RC3 runs
> great.
> Thanks for that tip.

Glad you solved it.

> I know how that file got there: LyX put it there. Maybe if the
> configuration file has changed for 2.4 then it shouldn’t copy old
> versions.

The question is how that file ended in the user directory in the first
place. This should only be in the system directory.

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