The following tests fail for me on current master:

  tex2lyx/roundtrip/box-color-size-space-align.tex (Failed)
  tex2lyx/cmplyx/box-color-size-space-align.tex (Failed)
  tex2lyx/roundtrip/test-insets-basic.tex (Failed)
  tex2lyx/cmplyx/test-insets-basic.tex (Failed)
  tex2lyx/roundtrip/test-insets.tex (Failed)
  tex2lyx/cmplyx/test-insets.tex (Failed)

I think it is because there is a diff with respect to the archived snapshots.

Here is the beginning of one of the diffs:

 Sep 30 13:07:06 2023
 Feb 24 19:43:27 2024
  @@ -6945,12 +6945,12 @@
   status collapsed
   \begin_layout Plain Layout

I do not know if there's a regression, or if the reference files just need to 
be updated.


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