On Mon, Feb 26, 2024 at 03:07:12PM +0100, Thibaut Cuvelier wrote:
> On Mon, 26 Feb 2024 at 10:46, <jspi...@gmail.com> wrote:
> > Thank you so much, Thibaut.
> >
> > Could you send the patch to lyx-devel, so Scott can test it? I am too
> > unsure about all things docbook to judge.
> >
> I tried sending it to the mailing list, but my emails from my @lyx.org
> alias are still refused :/.
> > I will submit the bookauthor change this evening when I am back at my
> > home machine.
> >
> I didn't really test bookauthor, not knowing exactly what you had in mind
> (the code for authors is more complex that I thought).
> @Scott: I have just pushed a fix for the initial issue! I tested it on the
> basic test case, it seems to work (as tested with my usual DocBook setup,
> which is not identical to LyX tests, but hopefully close enough).

Thanks for working on a fix. Did you run jing on it? I still get the
following after pulling in your fix:

-- Calling: /usr/bin/java -jar 
"https://docbook.org/xml/5.2b09/rng/docbook.rng"; "/home/ 
-- _err = 1, jingout = 
 error: text not allowed   here; expected the element end-tag, element 
"abbrev", "abstract", "acronym", "address", "annotation", "artpagenums", 
"author", "authorgroup",                 "authorinitials", "bibliocoverage", 
"biblioid", "bibliomisc", "bibliomset", "bibliorelation", "biblioset", 
"bibliosource", "citebiblioid", "citerefentry",    "citetitle", "collab", 
"confgroup", "contractnum", "contractsponsor", "copyright", "coref", "cover", 
"date", "edition", "editor", "emphasis", "extendedlink", "firstterm", 
"footnote", "footnoteref", "foreignphrase", "glossterm", "issuenum", 
"itermset", "keywordset", "legalnotice", "mediaobject", "org", "orgname",   
"othercredit", "pagenums", "person", "personblurb", "personname", "phrase", 
"printhistory", "productname", "productnumber", "pubdate", "publisher",         
  "publishername", "quote", "releaseinfo", "revhisto
 ry", "revnumber", "seriesvolnums", "subjectset", "subscript", "subtitle", 
"superscript", "title",           "titleabbrev", "volumenum" or "wordasword" or 
an element from another namespace

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