More details:

This system is using a Matrox G-400 AGP video board with dual head
support. I am running a single X server (XFree86 4.0.2) configured
for two screens (as reported in xdpyinfo) each of the same geometry
(1152x864 24 planes, w/ TrueColor visuals).

I do not want to use Xinerama; I prefer having two distinct screens.

It wouldn't surprise me if the problem is in the XForms library. I
have encountered some other software that only recognizes the first
logical screen of an X display. Xinerama hides this by handling
multiple physical framebuffers (video hardware) as a single logical
screen on an X display.


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Allan Rae wrote:
> On Tue, 22 May 2001, Bradford Castalia wrote:
> > LyX version 1.1.6fix1 crashes on the second screen (localhost:0.1)
> > with the error message "BadMatch (invalid parameter attributes)".
> > Startup, with no command line arguments, completes with no apparent
> > problems. The Help menu is invoked and the Introduction document
> > selected. Status messages flash quickly in the bottom pane of the
> > LyX window; I think that an X Server action may happen just before
> > the crash.
> I have a dual head setup and can't repeat this.  However, it is likely
> because I'm using the Xinerama module to get one big screen.  It seems you
> are using two separate x-servers (one per screen).  You might consider
> investigating the use of the Xinerama module and thereby letting X pretend
> it has one big screen.  That is, both screens form part of localhost:0.0,
> there is no :0.1.**
> You need "Option Xinerama" in the Modules section.  You also just define
> the two Screen sections as usual but combine them in the one Layout.  The
> best instructions I found for this were at the matrox site (look for linux
> drivers and then read their howto/install guide).
> Allan. (ARRae)
> ** I have considered doing like you to try to get a virtual console and an
>    X session on alternate monitors but decided against it.  There's no
>    going back from having 24x10inchs of screen space for X.

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