YOUNES Abdelrazak (M3SYSTEM) wrote:
> Sorry for disturbing this list but the kde-cygwin mailing list is
> apparently dead :-(

It's not. It's fine. Last mails to the list are dated today (20 Dec).
Admittedly, it's a very low volume mailing list...

Personally, I read it as a newsgroup gmane.comp.kde.devel.cygwin You
could also try the web interface

> The first one was about an hypothetical cygwin make which I never
> installed. I have double-checked but there is no cygwin reference in
> the path nor in the registry. Finally I just hacked the
> configure.bat to just use mingw32-make.

You need to specify some environment variables to tell Qt's configure
script what flavour of compilation environment you're using. This was
all detailed quite nicely on a qt/win free web page, but I can't find
it anymore since they changed web sites.

Now *this* is something you should get them to fix!

I'll post my own personal wrapper to configure this evening if I get
the chance.


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