>>>>> "Martin" == Martin Vermeer <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

Martin> Now, if we have a selection, you also have to split up the
Martin> drawSelection routine into row-by-row pieces. E.g., write a
Martin> paintSelection method in rowpainter.C. Undoubtedly doable, but
Martin> IMHO not for 1.4.0. </lecture>

Martin> I decided to compromise. People will accept a bit of slowness
Martin> during a rare operation like selecting, but not during basic
Martin> typing-in.

OK, I see what you mean now.
Martin> D) Insets within insets :-(

This should not be a problem is we recusrivize things correctly
(famous last words).

Martin> At that point I just gave up. I don't know though how much of
Martin> my grief came from the { } bug that we just killed. </lecture>

I see it better now, thanks.

Martin> Hmmm... do you still think I should give it a try for 1.4.0? I
Martin> expect it to require major reconstructive surgery, and still
Martin> not work reliably.

Let's see what Bennett's testing says. I suspect that your current
patch will be enough for now.


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