Am 12.10.2016 um 19:40 schrieb Heinz Kohl:

Sorry, the button change tracking ("Änderungsverfolgung") is not
selectable and there's no obvious way to change that.

This is because the documentation files are write protected. One needs to save them under a new name or in another place. This behaviour is intended and also described in the docs.

So I'm sending my proposal here (new text in italic style):

/Windows: /Die Beispieldateien finden Sie im Verzeichnis
[Resources/]examples/de des LyX-Installationsordners.
/Linux: Es empfiehlt sich, die Beispiele ///////////in ein privates
Verzeichnis zu kopieren///, z.B. mit cp /////usr/share/lyx/examples/de/*
~/MyExistingLyxExampleDir . //Einzelne, schreibgeschützte
Beispieldateien können Sie mit //Datei-Öffnen-Beispiele öffnen und bei
Bedarf mit "Speichern unter" in ein privates Verzeichnis sichern./
LyX Document Regards,

Seems that the formatting got broken. Could you try with change tracking in the LyX file? (This way you tray out a LyX feature you might not know yet and I encourage you to work on the docs ;-) )

I will ask the other LyX developers on Linux if they agree with your changes or if they see issues. Hmm, if you could make your proposal in the English Tutorial LyX file, you could just send it to the lyx-docs list and everybody there could have a look.

many tanks and regards

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