Hi, all,

After much work and much discussion, we are almost ready to release a
Windows installer for LyX 2.3.0. There are two new (but very temporary)
strings we need to have translated for this purpose. Please send
translations directly to me, by mail, at rikih...@lyx.org by Monday, 18
June (a week from now, as I write). It is my hope to release the
installer later that week.

The two strings are:

Due to changes in MiKTeX, installation of versions of LyX later than
2.2.3 can cause a partial update that makes MiKTeX unusable.
If you have not already done so, we recommand that you update MiKTeX to
the latest version prior to installing a new version of LyX.
You may now either proceed with the installation or cancel it so you can
update MiKTeX.



Feel free just to reply to this email and add the translations in the body.


PS Shortly after this is done, expect to receive the usual notification
about translations for 2.3.1.

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