Hi, plowing along trying to get pdf files of a reasonable size. So far I have
been unable to force dvips to use Type 1 scalable fonts which, reportedly,
allow ps2pdf to produce small pdf files (rather than 10X the size of the ps
file which I get using dvips in the normal configuration). I have the Adobe
paper by Kevin Whitehouse on creating quality Adobe pdf files from TeX with
DVIPS, but the specifics elude me. How do you create a fontmap that lists all
the fonts that DVIPS should not use as bitmapped? Where does one find the
equivalent font names that should be substituted? My document (book) is plain
vanilla Times Roman, no figures, nothing fancy. I found all sorts of font map
files, and experimented with "p +fontname.map" in a .dvipsrc file located in my
home directory, but I could detect no change in the output from dvips (once
converted with ps2pdf and displayed with Acrobat 3.0). 
Probably the solution is simpler than I think. Has anyone succeeded in forcing
dvips to use Type 1 scalable fonts? I have RedHat 5.2 and LyX 1.01. 
I have pStill downloaded but have not compiled and tried it yet, as I'm
assuming that it would not be any better than ps2pdf with dvips output that
uses bitmapped fonts. The ability to distribute small pdf files would seem to
be useful to many. Maybe we can document this procedure in one place.

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