I know I already asked this question the other day on this list. Hope I
don't bother you anyway...

My problem is that I'd like to create a customized index like the

-------------     -----> this should be a line
─rger             -----> where ─ is the german umlaut and should be sorted
                         correctly like Ae 

What I already did was to export two environment variables LYX_MAKEINDEX
(option -s and the name of the style file) and INDEXSTYLE (the path
where the style file can be found).

But the effect seems to be all the same: LyX seems to ignore it.

Does anybody know a way to create such a customized index only
using LyX (besides using xindy)?


Stephan E. Schlierf
BTW: I am using SuSE 6.0, LYX 1.0.0 Feb 1, 1999

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