> Hmmm, this is strange, since LyX checks when closing the file whether
> the write was successful (if I understand correctly). The relevant
> code is
>         // Write marker that shows file is complete
>         fprintf(file, "\n\\the_end\n");
>         if (file.close()) {
>                 if (flag)
>                         lyxerr.print(_("Error! Could not close file
properly: ")
>                                      +  filename);
>                 else
>                         WriteFSAlert(_("Error! Could not close file
properly: "),
>                                      filename);
>                 return false;
>         }
> I would think that this returns false as long as a write failed at
> some point. Am I wrong? Another possiblity uis that the warning showed
> up on console and not as a popup.

Yes, this is the case. I have also encountered this 'problem' -- the file
written away is 0 bytes and an error message is only printed on the console
which is not good when running under XWindows since one doesn't bother
looking at the console output and thus has no way of knowing the file was
actually not saved.

Natal VC

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