I got lyx ver 1.0.0, and installed the latest teTeX distribution, that
gives on the command
                    line latex:

                    This is TeX, Version 3.14159 (C version 6.1)

                    Starting LyX's configure, I obtain (snipped out the
"yes" answers):

                    checking for a LaTeX2e program...
                    +checking for "latex"... not useable
                    +checking for "latex2e"... not useable
                    checking for ChkTeX...
                    +checking for "chktex"... no

                    What? NOT USEABLE? My teTeX directory contains -
among the others - two dirs,
                    named "latex" and "latex209".
                    I suppose the first one is LaTeX2e (but I don't know
how to check).

                    What's wrong? If the latest teTeX distribution
doesn't give you LATEX2e, where to get it?
                    How to make LyX see that I really got latex??????

                    Thanks for any help

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