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> > > I know it's just a matter of personal taste, but I personally like the
> > little
> > > "xconsole" program...just have it there around in a corner of your
> > screen...
> >
> > You have a point here... I just wasn't aware that there was a way to make
> > the console message appear in XWindows and that you don't have to Alt-F1
> > everytime to read them. [I tried the xconsole program but no messages
> > appeared there while I did get messages on the Alt-F1 screen, am I doing
> > something wrong?]
> I always used xconsole to watch what Lyx was up to (especially LaTeX
> runs etc.) but when I upgraded to RedHat 5.2 I had no output in the
> window unless I ran xconsole su'd to root, so I've got out of the
> habit now.

I think the only problem is to check the permnissions of /dev/console... let
they be 755 , and everything will work with xconsole, as it is probably a bad
idea to suid this program...

Hope this helps
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