>>>>> "Alessandro" == Alessandro Magni <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

Alessandro>                     What? NOT USEABLE? My teTeX directory
Alessandro> contains - among the others - two dirs, named "latex" and
Alessandro> "latex209".  I suppose the first one is LaTeX2e (but I
Alessandro> don't know how to check).

If you want to know what `not usable' means, you should try to run
  latex ltxcheck
when checks whether yout LaTeX is correctly installed.

Alessandro>                     What's wrong? If the latest teTeX
Alessandro> distribution doesn't give you LATEX2e, where to get it?
Alessandro> How to make LyX see that I really got latex??????

Are you using redhat linux 6.0, by chance? It has known problems at
intall time. Another think to try is the texconfig program, that you
will need to run in order to make sure teTeX is correctly configured.


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