Thomas Henlich wrote:
> Customizing the index can been be made even more comfortable than Herbert
> describes:
> make a script 'lyx' in your ~/bin directory:
> ====
> #!/bin/bash
> export PATH=~/lyxbin:$PATH
> /usr/bin/lyx -width 900 -height 700 $*


good idea! but for those who have root access:

1. delete /usr/bin/makeindex
this is only a link! have a look at it ...

2. create a executable file makeindex in /usr/bin  or /usr/local/bin

/usr/share/texmf/teTeX/bin/i386-linux-glibc/makeindex -s StyleFile -c -q

StyleFile has to changed to the specific file with full path.
this works for all standard tex-installation on linux. otherwise
look for the real location of makeindex and correct the path.



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