Wolfgang Engelmann wrote:
> I have a long figure legend (44 lines). If I view it as postscript, an error
> occurs:
> Dimensions too large
> .... text where the error is}
> I canīt work with sizes bigger than about 19 feet.
> Apparently the legend is too large. If I cut away the last three lines it
> works.
> If I use small size instead of normal for the text, it is still too large. I
> have to cut now two lines.
> I guess this is a limitation by latex/tex.
> Has anybody had this problem already and how to go around with it?
> Furthermore, the figure has not yet been included. I would like to have the
> figure on one side (since it is also a large one) and the legend on the right
> side next to it.

it's a problem with your float. when it's together with the caption
more than one page it can't no more a float.

have a look at


there is a solution for a table. you can use it for figures, too.



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