Andreas Hegenbart <Innenarch.Hegenbart <at>> writes:

> Hi,
> you may try following: 
> open Miktex - maintenance - package manager: 
> probably you´ve to select the repository (i.e. CTAN) 
> then: edit/select installable or all packages  (choose document 
classes you
> need),
> task/ install 
> Afterwards you´ve to reconfigure lyx (tools) , then close lyx and 
> again. 
> Hope it works 
> Andreas  

Thanks a lot, Andreas. 

It worked. One problem was: The warning note said I'd need scrbook.cls 
I kept looking for it. Once I got to the proper package name (koma-
things became straightforward.



PS: A further question, non-essential at this stage. While trying to 
access subsidiary documentation for knitr, I got a message about a 
module. When I tried to add the requisite module, Rnw, I was told that 
I'd need a package: knitr->Latex. I can't find the package. 

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