Thanks a lot, folks. I went for Sumatra. It works like a charm. It can 
even keep more than one pdf output in tabs.

Only thing: when I close the Lyx file I was working on, without closing 
Sumatra, I get a message saying something like "Couldn't close temporary 
directory". Something similar comes even when I exit from Lyx. I hope it's 


PS: A bonus for using Sumatra. It makes viewing other ebook formats easy 
to read. Unlike Calibre, it doesn't insist on bringing ePub or Mobi into 
its library first. It reads it. What's more: it's a very good .chm reader! 
I'm thinking of making Sumatra the default viewer for pdf and everything; 
keeping Acrobat Pro only for those occasions when I want to edit or 
combine pdf files.

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