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> Actually, also, regarding the corruption. That should also be posted on the 
> Lyx forum as a case study to determine why Adobe treats it as corrupted. 
> There is an ISO standard for Adobe PDF files. it is possible that Adobe is 
> much less flexible about their standard than other browsers. It is also 
> possible that there is a bug with lyx if this occurs. BTW, I have no 
> affiliation with Adobe at all but everyone uses it and if I don't use it, I 
> can easily run into problems where it will view in one browser but not in 
> others. I can't afford that issue. 

Sorry, it should read:

It is not sure - at least STF did *not* say so - the PDF file Adobe Acrobat 
Reader didn't display was produced by LyX.
And in case it came from LyX then it's a problem with the LaTeX-PDF-writer 
tools used by LyX.

So, probably it will be difficult to solve this issue for LyX developers.


> On Thu, Dec 4, 2014 at 10:31 AM, Benedict Holland 
> <> wrote:
> Be very careful when viewing Beamer presentations with anything other than 
> Adobe. I have found that the presentations never display correctly and when 
> giving a presentation, it is almost a guarantee that you will be presenting 
> on Adobe. If you are not using Beamer, anything else should work. I stick 
> with Adobe because it is the standard. If potential problems occur, I might 
> have to switch but for now, it seems better for me to deal with the issues 
> than switch. 
> ~Ben
> On Wed, Dec 3, 2014 at 11:53 PM, Ashok <> wrote:
> Thanks a lot, folks. I went for Sumatra. It works like a charm. It can
> even keep more than one pdf output in tabs.
> Only thing: when I close the Lyx file I was working on, without closing
> Sumatra, I get a message saying something like "Couldn't close temporary
> directory". Something similar comes even when I exit from Lyx. I hope it's
> harmless.
> Ashok
> PS: A bonus for using Sumatra. It makes viewing other ebook formats easy
> to read. Unlike Calibre, it doesn't insist on bringing ePub or Mobi into
> its library first. It reads it. What's more: it's a very good .chm reader!
> I'm thinking of making Sumatra the default viewer for pdf and everything;
> keeping Acrobat Pro only for those occasions when I want to edit or
> combine pdf files.

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