I´am trying to write a book with the Documentclass koma-script book. after my 
first experiences and googles searches i have some questions

For the content-table i want use the standard-headlines with numbers, wich are 
automatically appears in the table of  content. There are also Headlines 
without numbers. They didn´t appear in the table of content. I wished to 
configure some of this headlines without numbers to appear in the table of 
content. Is this possible

In mein Text there are a lot of counted lines. Than theres text and other 
counted lines, that schould follow up the first one. With automatic 
numberbullets this will not work. Is it possible to set the start-point bei the 
later number lines?


1. lll
2. lll
3. lll


4. llll
5 .lll

and so on….

Thanks for the support...

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