dapper dan <dapperdan <at> outlook.com> writes:

> Subject basically says it all: When I try to edit a LaTeX child document
>  from within LyX 2.1.1 (by clicking 'edit' in the child document window)
>  I get an error message 'LyX: Cannot edit file. Auto-edit file 
> "path-to-file" failed.' It does work with LyX child documents and it 
also works with LyX, which is also installed on the same machine. 
It did not work with 2.1.0, either.As
>  far as I can see the paths/settings are the same in 2.1.1 and, 
> but please let me know whether I should check something specific. I'm on 
Windows 7 btw.Thanks!                                     

Hi Dan,
Did you ever find a solution to this problem? I have been having the same 
problem since around 2011. (And I don't understand Richard's suggestions!)


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