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> dapper dan <dapperdan <at>> writes:
>> Subject basically says it all: When I try to edit a LaTeX child document
>> from within LyX 2.1.1 (by clicking 'edit' in the child document window)
>> I get an error message 'LyX: Cannot edit file. Auto-edit file 
>> "path-to-file" failed.' It does work with LyX child documents and it 
> also works with LyX, which is also installed on the same machine. 
> It did not work with 2.1.0, either.As
>> far as I can see the paths/settings are the same in 2.1.1 and, 
>> but please let me know whether I should check something specific. I'm on 
> Windows 7 btw.Thanks!                                           
> Hi Dan,
> Did you ever find a solution to this problem? I have been having the same 
> problem since around 2011. (And I don't understand Richard's suggestions!)

To see more descriptive error messages enable debug output for "Files used by 

To do so you have to:
1. Enable the message pane - go to the View menu and select "Messages Pane"
2. There you'll see the log window. At the right you select the "Settings" Tab.
3. Choose the "Selected" option at the left and then "Files used by LyX" at the 
4. Go back to "Output" tab to watch the log messages while working with LyX.


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