> To see more descriptive error messages enable debug output for "Files 
used by LyX".
> To do so you have to:
> 1. Enable the message pane - go to the View menu and select "Messages 
> 2. There you'll see the log window. At the right you select the 
"Settings" Tab.
> 3. Choose the "Selected" option at the left and then "Files used by 
LyX" at the right.
> 4. Go back to "Output" tab to watch the log messages while working 
with LyX.
> Stephan

Hi Stephan,
Thanks for your suggestion. I did as you said and "Files used by LyX" 
are now set to Yes for debug messages. However, the message it is 
showing in the Output pane gives no further detail than the pop-up box! 
("Auto-edit file  "file path" failed (time stamp) Automatic save done. 
Error: Cannot edit file")  Any further help is welcome.


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