Dear all,

I am getting the following error when compiling Spanish documents (Ubuntu
14.04, TexLive 2013, Lyx 2.1.3):

! Package babel Error: You haven't specified a language option.

Nonetheless, Spanish has been selected in the language section of the
document configuration. This is even happening starting from scratch in any
document class.

It can be fixed adding \usepackage[english]{babel} in the preamble, which
points to some package trying to use English, even if the document is in
Spanish. Again, it happens with any plain vanilla document.

Any idea?


Dr. Julio Rojas Mora
Académico del Instituto de Estadística
Coordinador de Investigación
Facultad de Ciencias Económicas y Administrativas
Universidad Austral de Chile
Tlf: +56-63-2221609

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