The main reason why me and my colleagues switched from  MS-Word to Lyx is the 
problems we had with all the different Office versions, and problem we had 
opening Word-files in OpenOffice, etcetera. That was why we use Lyx.

Today I get a .lyx file from a colleague with a Mac. I try to open the Lyx 
file, and I get this error message:

"/mnt/sda1/Dropbox/lithouse_shared_folder/Offers quotes prospects that we are 
working on/Jolly_X/20150506/offer_27.11.2013.lyx is from a newer version of 
LyX and the lyx2lyx script failed to convert it."

So I try to update my Lyx on Ubuntu 14.04 to a later version, but there is 
nothing to update. I have the most recent version (2.0.6 from April 2013) 
while my colleague has from November 2014. I am out of luck.

We're on Openoffice again. :(

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