On 05/06/2015 03:36 PM, Ygo Kanaki wrote:
This I got:

$ kpsewhich scrartcl.cls

I did Tools / Reconfigure, I think that solved most of the problems. I can
now open my colleagues document again without errors, and I get the correct
pdf-output. Fixed!

I still see a whole bunch of greyed-out document classes, but I don't care
for now, I'll try to fix that later. Lyx works again!

That is normal. LyX supports many more classes than anyone would ever need and, more importantly, than a standard LaTeX installation would install. So there's not really anything more to fix, unless you want to use one of those classes. In that case, you just need to install
the relevant LaTeX files.

And actually, you can *use* the class within LyX. You just won't be able to compile.


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