Dear lyx-users,

I am writing a paper that consists of a primary text and a separate
supplement (e.g. a web appendix or supplementary online materials).
Because there are many cross-references between the two documents
(e.g. "For details, see section S2 of the Supplement.", "Here, we
provide additional detail for the analysis presented in section 3 of
the main text"), I have set up both as child documents of a common
master document, i.e.:


This has a number of nice features, especially: the cross-references
are available in the lyx pull-down menu, the cross-reference fields
present nicely on-screen.

The issue I'm having occurs when I try to compile the document.

If I compile the full document using master-lyx, the cross-references
compile nicely but a single PDF is produced. I can split this manually
in Acrobat or pdftk but this has some drawbacks, especially (a) both
PDFs contain the bookmarks for both the main text and the supplement,
so these have to be cleaned up manually; (b) hyperlinked
cross-references pointing to the other document now point to somewhere
that no longer exists.

If I compile the child documents separately, I do get separate PDFs
but the cross-references no longer work.

Ideally, I would be able to produce (i) two separate PDFs with (ii)
hyperlinked internal cross-references and (iii) non-hyperlinked
references to the other document (i.e. as produced by \ref*{label}
rather than \ref{label}). I would settle for (i) two separate PDFs
with (iv) no hyperlinked references.

I have experimented a bit with Inserting supplement.lyx into main.lyx
inside a LyX Note, but this was not entirely successful. The
references presented correctly onscreen in LyX (i.e. no "BROKEN:") but
did not compile ("??").

Any suggestions would be welcome.



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