On Tue, 14 Jul 2015, Gilles Moyse wrote:

I ran into a strange problem today. A Beamer file I often use for my
presentation does not compile any more on my Windows machine since Lyx
(v2.1.3) says it cannot find the graphic files I use for the logo. Moving
them to the .lyx file directory doe not fix the problem, but commenting
the \logo instruction does.

The even stranger thing is that using File / Export / Latex (pfdLatex) on
my Windows machine and then running "pdfLatex test.tex" works correctly!


  I know less than nothing about windoze since I stopped using it in 1997.
But, I can report that lyx/beamer documents on linux, lyx/knitr documents,
and PSTricks graphics all compile using pdflatex when they will not preview
using dvips.

  This makes sense when we think about it: if the documents are intended to
result in PDF files, then the driver should be pdxlinux. But, the preview
using ctrl-p is in PostScript, not PDF format and other than regular
text/graphics documents in LyX might not properly display.

  Avoid the preview and look only at the pdxlatex-compiled output.


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