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>>> Hey, 
>>> could not find my stupid little problem in the archive list. i just wanted 
>>> to start with the the tutorial- i’m sorry- i could not find
>>> beispiel_roh.lyx  
>>> or any data in the example folder?
>>> lyx is properly installed. 
>>> i’m using OS X 10.10.4
>>> or am i’just looking in the wrong folder?- but could not find the data with 
>>> a normal search...
>>> <lyx_noex.tiff>
>>> thanks you,
> M.
The Examples folder is hidden from OS X users. It is inside the application 
bundle. From your app root, your file is here:
You have to first Control-click on the application icon and then select Show 
Package Contents, then follow the above path with more clicking.

At one point, either the examples or templates folders—I can't remember which— 
did not have the correct paths set to it. You can check this out in the 
preferences. Open Preferences, click on Paths, and see what is in the fields 
for Document templates and Example files. They should be
So you will by now have noticed that the templates are similarly placed inside 
the app bundle.


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