I have problems using biblatex an my new computer for weeks now, and could not 
find the problem. 

I run LyX 2.1.3 on OS 10.10.3. I installed the current bib latex.module, but it 
could not be found by LyX. Could you please tell me, where the biblatex.module 
has to be placed? LyX/about LyX tells me to put it into:
library/application support/LyX-2.1/

It is not placed exactly there, but has an own folder at that place: /layouts. 
I hope this is fine. It has a .txt-ending, is that correct? 

BTW: On my old system (OSX10.8) it was placed in
but in OS 10.10.3 it seems to have a new place.

Thank you!

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